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Free Monogram Fonts

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Monogram Font Types

Most monogram font styles are either one-, two- or three-letter monograms.

Among the most popular shapes for monogram fonts are circle, square, triangle, octagon and diamond. Some fonts may include monogram frames - whether as a part of letter design or a separate additional element.

Fonts are available for download in .otf .ttf .eot and .woff formats and in different types, and may include such advanced font features as Contextual Alternates for easier left, right and middle letter typing.

How to install Monogram Font

After you've downloaded the fonts files, you will need to install them prior using with your desired software.

The easiest way to do it is simply double-click the font file, and then follow the installation prompts.

Important note: once the font is installed, you may need to restart your computer before the it will start showing in your software's font list.

How to use Monogram Font

Once you've installed the monogram font, you can refer to the included manual for step by step usage instructions. In general, for a 3-letter monogram you will need to use lowercase letters for a left initial, uppercase letters for center initial and a specific special character for a right initial letter.

If your font comes with Contextual Alternatives feature, the you can simply type the letters you want and they will form a perfect monogram automatically.

Monogram Initials Order

So, what is the correct initials order in a 3 letter monogram?

  • For the same size letter block monograms use "First + Middle + Last" name initials.
  • For monograms with one letter larger than the others, larger letter represents "Last" name initial while the other two are "First + Middle" name initials.
  • Far a stacked style monogram, unstacked letter represents "Last" name initial while the other two stacked are "First + Middle" name initials.
  • For odd-shaped style monograms such as belt buckle shape monogram font, set the most pronounced letter as "Last" name initial, and the remaining two are "First + Middle" name initials.

Despite these guidelines for initials order in monogram fonts, it is important to understand that in the end it is you who ultimately decides on the order, so just go with what you love the most!

How to use Monogram Font with Cricut and Silhouette Studio, etc?

If you monogram fonts contain all 3 letters (left, center and right), and you're happy with distancing between the monogram letters, you can simply type your monogram letters and you are good to go.

In the case you have a separate font file for each center, left and right letters you will need to open and type each monogram letter separately.